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What our clients say about us

     "A close friend recommended Mr. Abouelsood to me while was going through some financial problems. After consulting with him I made the decision to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Mr. Abouelsood and this staff made the bankruptcy process easy and stress free for me. The bankruptcy went very smoothly and now I am debt free and no longer living paycheck to paycheck. Most importantly the bankruptcy stopped the wage garnishment that were taking almost a quarter of my checks. He was really patient with me and made sure I understood the process from beginning to end. I strongly recommend him to anyone needing bankruptcy help."



     "I came to Abouelsood & Associates for help after an old credit card company began to garnish my wages. They were great. Very professional. They explained the bankruptcy process in a way I could understand and really went out of their way to find alternate solutions before I decided on filing my bankruptcy."



     "Where to start....I had a criminal "incident" I needed to be taken care of. I found Abouelsood & Associates as I was walking out of the Courthouse in Santa Ana and I decided to do some research to get more info on them. I found a lot of stuff - all good. There were a lot of good reviews on a bunch of different websites, the attorneys have great records on the California Bar (and one of the attorneys is also licensed in NV, so next time I go to LV I don’t have to worry about finding another attorney if I find myself partying too hard), and they focus on a few areas of law instead of being a law firm that tries to do everything.
     Anyway, I met with Mr. Abouelsood and I had a free consultation. We spoke about the details of my case, and after a short period of time I brought up the issue of the "cost." Much to my surprise, the rate (a flat fee for my misdemeanor to take me all the way through trial) was VERY reasonable. We talked some more and I left the office to go to a couple more attorneys in the area to shop around. I met with some other attorneys later that day and the next day, and honestly Mr. Abouelsood seemed to be the most knowledgeable and actually cared about my situation. I called Mr. Abouelsood and made a second appointment to talk with him again. We again discussed all of the questions I had and Mr. Abouelsood made me feel better about everything. We shook hands, signed some paperwork, and I had an attorney!
     Not only was I happy with who I chose as my attorney, but I was also very happy with the result. Mr. Abouelsood resolved my case in less than 2 weeks, saved me from going to jail, and also got rid of all the fines the DA said I was going to have to pay. Not going to jail and not paying any fines saved my life, and my family's life. Mr. Abouelsood is an amazing lawyer and I HIGHLY recommend him to everyone that needs a criminal attorney. Don's settle for attorneys that don’t care about you...GO WITH THE BEST! 
Thank you Mr. Abouelsood."

- A.R.


     "I was arrested on August 31, 2013 for driving under the influence after stopping at a check point with a BAC of 0.9. I was scared of the ramifications and what I would essentially have to pay in fees and penalties for a DUI. I hired Ramy within the week after receiving a referral from my brother who knew him on a personal level. From the beginning, Ramy has been exceptionally knowledgeable and responsive with all my questions and the facts of my case. He stayed on top of everything and let me know exactly what to do i.e. when and where to show up. He even shared with me the possible outcomes and what I would have to do each step of the way. He essentially held my hand through the entire process and could not have made it any easier. Here's the kicker, he somehow negotiated with the DA to reduce my charges down to a DRY reckless i.e. expedition of speed, not even a wet reckless but a DRY reckless. This means I don't have a DUI on my record and I don't have to take any AA classes or pay fees anywhere near what a DUI would have cost. 
    I just wanted to thank him again for what he did for me. Of course not everyone's case will be the same and the results may vary, but if you or anyone you know needs a knowledgeable, responsive, and competent lawyer to represent you in a DUI case or any legal case, contact him. You will not regret it."

- J.R.


     “Thank you Mr. Abouelsood for taking the time to carry me through the process.  You really cared about me and what was in my best interest.”

- J.A.


     “He was able to resolve my car accident and got me the top dollar.  I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him." 

- V.V.


     “I was harassed, discriminated against, and ultimately fired from my job.  Mr. Abouelsood not only fought for my rights but made the company pay for what they did to me.  Thank you sooooooo much.”

- P.G.  

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